Lezing 'Presentation on Moon and Mars Science and Exploration' - door Elliot Sefton-Nash (ESA)

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The Moon and Mars are not only bodies to observe in the sky, they are destinations. Recent and new interest in the Moon is driven by science, exploration and its potential to help prepare humans to journey to Mars. Today, Mars is cold, dry and not very habitable, but billions of years ago it was a more pleasant place; it had a thicker atmosphere, more water on the surface and maybe even nice weather: Good conditions for life to evolve, just like it did on Earth.

Using robotic and human-crewed spacecraft we are returning to the Moon, and we are exploring Mars to find out if it was, or still is, capable of hosting life. Find out what this means for the future, and how it will help us understand the possibility for life elsewhere in the universe.


Elliot Sefton-Nash is a Planetary Scientist working at the European Space Agency. He works on several projects for missions to the Moon and Mars, including the ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars Rover mission. He uses data acquired from robotic spacecraft to do scientific research of surfaces and atmospheres of bodies in the inner solar system, and to help plan future missions.

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