There is a lot to experience in the Hoge Kempen National Park. Just take a look at our calendar! At regular intervals, we organise a ranger activity. Then our Ranger (the National Park guide) takes you along to the most beautiful spots. You learn about nature and all its surprises in a relaxing and fun way.

Each ranger activity starts at one of our Entrance Gates. There we head out into nature in a small group. Registration is compulsory. You can register as a family, single or with friends. With many registrations, we split up the group to keep it cosy. The price for an experiential walk of two or three hours with entertaining explanations from a local Ranger is only 2€ (+administration fee). For a child under 12, you pay 1€ (+administration cost). Some activities are even free!

After registering, and (if necessary) paying, you will receive a confirmation email and a QR code for the Ranger to scan. You don't have to print this out, if you save the email on your smartphone, that's enough.

Have fun!