Partnerplan 20-25

The 'Partner Plan 20-25' comprises the first operational programme resulting from the 'Master Plan 20-40'. Whereas the Master Plan sets out a long-term vision with a time horizon of 20 years, the '20-25' Partner Plan has a time horizon of 5 years with the aim of establishing, within the National Park Coalition of 32 partners, the priority actions, working & financing agreements that lead to concrete realisations to make the Hoge Kempen National Park bigger, more beautiful and stronger.
The OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME lists the 5 ambitions, together accounting for 150 concrete implementation actions, each with an overview of the partners involved.

The INVESTMENT PROGRAMME gives an overview of the estimated, planned and outstanding financing per goal, per ambition and per partner level. 
The PARTNERFICHES present all 32 partners from the National Park Coalition. For each partner, an overview of the objectives involved, priority actions and representatives in the consultation structures (Steering Group, Master Group and Theme Groups) of the National Park High Campine follows, with the aim of implementing the Partner Plan 20-25. 

This Partner Plan 20-25 contains tasks formulated by and for the NATIONAL PARK COALITION (= area coalition) of municipalities, provincial authorities of Limburg, administrations of the Flemish Government, nature associations and other local partners. As actions and financial budgets are always evolving, this partner plan represents a snapshot that will be evaluated and adjusted annually.