Good caretakers

The Agency for Nature and Forests, Natuurpunt vzw, Limburgs Landschap vzw and Orchis vzw dedicate themselves daily to the management of their sites. With a lot of knowledge, experience and commitment they work on more and better nature in the National Park. Species in difficulty are given a boost and unwanted intruders are combated.

The Agency for Nature and Forests

The Agency for Nature and Forests (ANB) of the Flemish Government is responsible for managing a large part of the public property in the Hoge Kempen National Park. They work every day on the conservation, the protection and the development of nature, forests and greenery.

The ANB is the largest green owner in Flanders. It manages 42,300 hectares of its own forests, nature reserves and domains. Since the Agency also helps others with the management of their domains, the total area is about 74,000 hectares of forest and nature.

Besides management, ANB is responsible for the realisation of the nature and forestry policy and for guiding and coordinating the implementation of policy measures. By cooperating with different partners, a larger basis for nature is created. Among other things, the ANB subsidises the Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen project office to build a bridge between the user and nature. In the sustainable management of Flemish nature, the ANB is an important defender of the vulnerable fauna and flora, without being blind to the social questions. It is its task to strive for a balance between sometimes seemingly contradictory interests: nature conservation, material production, science,...

This is how we pursue the mission of the Agency for Nature and Forests: 'More and better nature together with you'.

For more information on management, please contact:

Agency for Nature and Forests - Limburg
Koningin Astridlaan 50 bus 5, 3500 Hasselt
T: +32 11 74 24 50 - E:

Limburgs Landschap VZW

Limburgs Landschap vzw has been striving for more nature in Limburg since 1971. In the first place, this is done by acquiring, managing and designing nature reserves.

In addition, the association allows everyone to get to know its nature by opening up the managed areas as much as possible. Meanwhile, Limburgs Landschap vzw has more than 2300 hectares of nature under its care and this is still expanding every day!

Would you like to become a member or support the purchase of even more nature?  You can do so by becoming a member.

More details:

Dekenstraat 39, 3550 Heusden-Zolder
T: +32 11 53 02 50 - E:

Natuurpunt vzw

Natuurpunt wants more nature: of course there must be space to live, work and move around, but the busier life gets, the more people need greenery and nature.

Thanks to Natuurpunt's efforts, unique strips of forest, heathland, dunes, valley areas and polder landscapes are preserved.

Natuurpunt wants better nature: through expert management, its volunteers succeed in increasing the species diversity in nature reserves. Rare and endangered species therefore get better chances of life.

Nature for everyone: Natuurpunt does not protect our nature reserves behind barbed wire, but opens them up to everyone, to enjoy them, to study them or to lend a hand in their management.

More details:

Michiel Coxystraat 11, 2800 Mechelen
T: +32 15 29 72 20 - E: 

Orchis vzw

Orchis vzw is a regional nature and environmental association that is committed to the protection and preservation of nature and the environment in Limburg. Therefore, it conducts responsible management in ecologically valuable areas that it acquires or leases from third parties; it organises nature education activities for young and old and provides advice in the field of environment and spatial planning.

Unfortunately, the area of nature in which plants and animals can survive is still shrinking. In order for certain rare species to survive, it is therefore necessary to help nature so that it does not disappear under the dominance of common species. Good mowing management is an example of this. In several Orchis areas where mowing management is applied, whether or not combined with grazing management, species diversity increases from year to year.

More details:

Perronstraat 1, 3740 Bilzen
T: +32 89 50 10 19 - E: