The Hoge Kempen National Park is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in our country. With our 12 000 ha of varied nature, everyone will find something to his liking, whether you are a cyclist, hiker, horse rider or mountain biker. 
For children, too, it is the perfect place to romp around and learn something from nature. And it is for these children that we want to protect this natural beauty forever. 

To protect nature, and to keep your experience in the National Park optimal, we can use all the (financial) help we can get! You can support us by making a contribution to the National Park Fund. Every contribution counts, even small ones. You can choose what to do with your contribution. An extra bench? Improve a walking route? Plant trees? Placing swallowtails ...

Click on the button below, decide how much you want to contribute and tell us what we should use your contribution for.

Nature and our grandchildren will be eternally grateful.