Wyckmans Emmanuëlla
It was beautiful. Day 3 I thought was the most beautiful. For me there were sections in it that I never did before. Chapeau to the people who put out these signposts. Thank you to the friendly staff and the enthusiastic rangers who talk about nature with so much love. Definitely worth repeating.

Vicky Leplae
4 days of walking, just wonderful the national park high Kempen, fantastic walks, I have enjoyed it to the fullest, the peace, quiet and beautiful nature, to be very quiet of.... definitely worth repeating, top organization, a big compliment for everyone who has contributed, I have no preference for a particular stage, I just really enjoyed every walk.

Betty Moureaux
It was SUPER - TOP!
Beautiful trail with very good signage.

Geert Coenen
Stage 2 I thought was the most beautiful.... but the whole surpassed the different parts.... I have en-joy-ed!!!

Eliane Opdenakker
Was very good. We enjoyed the four days even though we live in Maasmechelen and we could do a lot of roads and we go hiking there every day. Did we come across roads we hadn't been to yet. I liked all four of them.

Yvonne Munnikhof
For me the hike as a whole was also fantastic! Each stage had its own beautiful spots and peculiarities. The organization was top! I'm going to enjoy this very much and will definitely be back.

Marit van der Helden
Many compliments to the organization, all employees and the nice Rangers! It was fantastic organized! The top signage ( from Burocad) is an example for the Dutch Mountain Trail. The sister of this long-distance walk in Limburg. Day HIGH KEMPEN, we have enjoyed.

Luc Van den Heuvel
I have walked the 4-day. Top course and certainly a top organization. I live barely 15 km from the dunes and today was the 1st time I was there. Sin to discover - after 55 years - only now this beautiful nature. We will definitely be back, and soon!

Tine Van Esser
Completed 4 days, 3 of which were as 'backpacking' training. Enjoyed from the first till the last minute. Thank you for the top organization!!!

Marc Schodts
Finished the four hiking days today. 100 Km through the beautiful Park Hoge Kempen. Very diverse landscape, beautiful nature and excellent organization. Big compliments to the rangers on duty.

Senne Tielens
Top trail 

1001 Hikes
We have walked all four stages. It was pretty tough at times, but definitely worth it. What a beautiful trail!