140 km of bridle and bridle paths run through the National Park. And 85% of them are unpaved. Many riders and their horses are therefore extremely satisfied with their outing.

The network of bridle and bridle paths consists of a junction system so that you can compile your own tour.
You can start from the riding stables in the area for your own composed tour. There are resting points and accommodation along the route.

Practical information

  • Both riders and drivers are welcome on all paths.
  • Ash systems allow single, double, and four-horse carriages to pass through.
  • In winter, certain sections can be boggy and some experience as a driver is desirable.
  • Only to a very limited extent does your path coincide with a hiking and/or cycling path. Give them the right of way, as not everyone feels safe near a horse.
  • Due to forest clearing, agricultural use,... we can't guarantee that the paths are in the same condition everywhere. Every year we try to repair some of these roads.
  • There are no horses for hire. You always bring your own trusty horse.

Info on horse-friendly accommodation in and around the National Park can be found here.


There are 3 ways to choose your route for a horseback ride through the Hoge Kempen National Park

  • With the riding map of Toerisme Limburg, free to take with you at these places or downloadable in pdf.
  • You follow a suggestion route like the Vierlandsheren-tocht below. You then download the GPX to follow the route, or you follow the nodes on the posts in the National Park.
  • Create your own route using the route planner at the bottom of this page. Click on the horseriding nodes, and download or print your own route. Or follow the nodes on the posts.

Suggested route: Vierlandsheren-tour

  • Junctions 91 - 92 - 93 - 88 - 89 - 90 - 91
  • Distance 20.8 km
  • Starting point Ter Biessen, Begijnenbos 11, Lanaken
  • Several rest points on the route
  • Landscape: dirt roads, deciduous and pine forests, ponds...


Plan your own route with the equestrian nodes

How to proceed

With the handy route planner, you can create your own route in no time. We explain in a short step-by-step plan how to proceed:

  1. Zoom in or out on the map below or use the 'search' field to go to your starting municipality

  2. Click on the equestrian route network in the place where you want to start

  3. Then click on the places where you want to ride or drive with your horse, pony or bridle
    (The route runs in the direction indicated on the map. It corresponds to the direction of the signposting on the terrain)

  4. If the route diverts you too far, you can turn off the routing and cut off sections by choosing manual. When you are back on the network, choose "equestrian and men's route network" again as the route option to continue.

  5. When you are almost at the end, you can choose "Back to starting point" to close the loop.

  6. Select "Save route" or "Print your route" to download and print.

 Note that when you save your route (point 6), the route is made public via the RouteYou website. By using the route planner, you give permission for this. 

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