8 autumn walks in the National Park.

Nature is once again showing her most colorful side. No better place to enjoy the splendor of colors than the Hoge Kempen National Park. We give you 8 tips for a beautiful autumn hike:
The red walk in Pietersheim. This walk starts at the Pietersheim Castle with its beautiful lane, and goes through the Pietersembos and along the Asbeek.
--> Start: (free) Parking at Pietersheim , Neerharen weg 12, 3620 Lanaken. Hiking information board available.
--> Follow the red triangle for 11.4 km.
--> Toilets and catering at the children's farm
--> Download GPS track

* The blue walk in the Dilserbos. A short, brisk wooded walk that introduces you to the Kempens Plateau. 
--> Start: (free) Parking at the Dilserbos , Sparrendal 58, 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem. Hiking info sign present.
--> Follow the blue lozenge for 5.8 km.
--> No toilets or restaurants 
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* The blue hike in Bergerven. A medium walking route with lots of views but also along colorful lane next to the Zuid-Willemsvaart.
--> Start: (free) Parking at the Chapel of the Resistance, Brugstraat, 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem.  Hiking info sign present.
--> Follow the blue diamond for 7 km.
--> No toilets or restaurants 
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*The orange walk in Lieteberg. This hike takes you through forest and agricultural areas. Along the way you also pass by the Bezoensberg where you can still enjoy a small heath.
--> Start: (free) Parking at the Lieteberg, Stalkerweg 46, 3690 Zutendaal.  Hiking information board and visitors' reception available.
--> Follow the orange ball for 13km
--> Toilets or catering establishments present in the Lieteberg.
--> Download GPS track

The blue walk on the Oudsberg. This medium hike leads you through the dune landscape of the 'Oudsberg' and the surrounding woods.
--> Start: (free) Parking at Camping Zavelbos, crossing Weg naar Opoeteren & Bergeindestraat, 3660 Opglabbeek.  Hiking info sign present.
--> Follow the blue diamond for 7.3 km.
--> Toilets or catering present Camping Zavelbos
--> Download GPS track

* The red hike in Munsterbos. You balance as it were on the natural border between the Kempen and Haspengouw.
--> Start: (free) Parking at Munsterbos on Leroyplein, 3740 Bilzen. Hiking information board available.
--> Follow the yellow trapezium for 9 km.
--> Horeca present
--> Download GPS track

* The Green Walk in Kattevennen. This short walk leads you around the colorful forests of Kattevennen.
--> Start: (free) Parking at the Kattevennen parking lot, Planetariumweg 19, 3600 Genk.  Hiking information board and visitors' reception available.
--> Follow the green rectangle for 5,6 km.
--> Toilets and catering facilities present.
--> Download GPS track

* The yellow walk on the Roelen (Zutendaal/Lanaken). This route along woods and fields brings you to the quietest part of the Silent Area Zwarteput.
--> Start: (free) Parking at the center of Roelen, Krieckaertlaan, 3620 Gellik - Lanaken
--> Follow the yellow trapezium for 10,3km
--> No toilets or catering
--> Download GPS track

You can find all fall hikes on Komoot's website and app. If you don't have Komoot yet, click here for a free Komoot region code.

What to do in fall weather?

Just a fall day with typical wet fall weather? At our gates you can find fun indoor activities:

*Follow the Cosmodrome show at Kattevennen and you'll look at the universe very differently.
*At Station As you can experience a real life game The Machinist.
*Or learn about the fascinating world of insects during a visit to Lieteberg's insect museum Entomopolis. Until October 31, 2023, you can visit The Butterfly Treasure Chamber of Lieteberg here.
*And the Water Castle of Pieterheim has a noble past, you can visit the castle for free. Please note that from the autumn vacation to the Easter vacation, the moated castle is only accessible with a guide. Outside this period, you can visit the moated castle freely during opening hours.

Out and about with a guide

autumn walks with a ranger

Every week, a Ranger (National Park guide) will be ready to start at one of the entrance gates for a walk through our nature reserve. Join him/her for an entertaining walk (max 2 hours), and get to know the nature around you in a completely different way. The walks cost € 3 per adult and € 2 per child.
During these ranger walks, the focus is on an autumn experience:

Hiking weekend with top autumn hikes

There is so much to do in the Hoge Kempen National Park! With more than 450 km of hiking trails, it is sometimes difficult to choose. We selected the 4 most beautiful autumn hikes and placed them in a comfortable hiking package with 2 overnight stays and meals included. Everything is taken care of, you just have to put on your walking shoes and enjoy!

More info on the hiking package