Taking the dog

Dogs are welcome in the National Park! With a few exceptions, they can join you on a leash on all trails. In addition, there are four dedicated dog play areas where they let off steam off the leash. These are enclosed areas located along the signposted hiking loops.

Hiking area ‘Mechelse Heide’

  • Entrance gate ‘Mechelse Heide’ >> between hiking switches 41 en 42
  • Entrance gate ‘Mechelse Heide’ >> between hiking switches 45 en 46
  • pick-up place Kikmolen >> between hiking switches 52 en 53

Hiking area ‘Pietersheim’

  • Pick-up place La Butte aux Bois >> between hiking switches 63 en 64

The dedicated dog play areas are also indicated on the hiking maps of the hiking areas ‘Mechelse Heide’ and ‘Pietersheim’.

A number of areas are grazed by horses and cattle. Therefore, the caretaker, the Agency for Nature and Forests, does not allow dogs to enter those areas (not even on a leash).

  • ‘Mechelse Heide’ – Pick-up place ‘Kikmolen’ campsite: green and blue walks
  • ‘Pietersheim’ – pick-up place La Butte aux Bois: purple walk